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Demo Stock Clearance!!!!!!!!

We are currently clearing out our Demo stock and have the following items for sale at ridculously low prices!!!!

Hospital Furniture:

MukaHC800CHC 800C ELECTRICAL PEDIATRIC BED Fixed height x 4 Brand New

Muka MA202CMA202C MATTRESS x 4

Muka F4 FUTURE 4 ICU BED x 1 Used demo

Muka MA 204 MA 204 FT MATTRESS x 1 Used demo

Muka MAC 307S MAC 307S BEDSIDE CABINET x1 Brand New

Muka MOT407 MOT 407 OVERBED TABLE x 1 Used demo

Favero SWITCH crash cart with all accessories. x 1 Brand new

Favero OVERTOUR medication cart with all accessories. x 1 Brand New

Favero 9 ZERO 1194 ZEROFIRE technical storage system with ISO trays and shelves. x 1 Brand New

Favero 9L15 INSPIRE bed version 9LI5 for both general hospital ward and sub-intensive care use - featuring a patented Favero removable side rail design. x 1 Brand new

Vitalgo TLB Total lift bed specialised Bed with erect lift function.

Used demo

Contact Terence 083 227 1353 or for more information. Prices on request

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